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My Patients’ Experiences

I reached out to Helen when I was struggling with some emotions that I couldn't seem to overcome.  The feelings and challenging emotions I was facing were taking over my days and I realised I needed to speak to someone as the feelings weren't going away.  I had never been to a counsellor before and the thought of speaking to a "stranger" about certain feelings was quite scarey.  Speaking to Helen was one of the best decisions I have made as I can confidently say I have overcome the issues I was facing and I have learnt to manage how I feel about certain things.

Helen is professional, very kind and non judgemental.  She would let me speak freely and would ask me questions which would make me reflect on how I was feeling and why I felt a certain way.  She has helped me reflect better on my emotions and learn to manage them more effectively.  The sessions were a very safe place for me and I would enter and leave my sessions feeling very different.  I am very grateful to Helen as she has helped me enormously in a challenging time in my life and because of her and what she has taught me, I am alot happier.  Thank you Helen!

I saw Helen on a weekly basis, week by week taking small steps to understand myself.  There were weeks where I would just talk about how I felt or about significant events that week; other weeks I could pinpoint something in my way of thinking and we would explore these thoughts or problems.  Having counselling has helped me understand myself more and allowed me to view things from a different perspective to ease my anxiety, overthinking and low mood.  There was no pressure which allowed me to take sessions at my own pace and open up when I felt ready.

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