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I am an experienced accredited person-centred psychotherapist/counsellor.  I have always been interested in how people respond to one another and behave in relationships.  Whether that be parent/child, partners, work relationships plus many more and this brought me to wanting to study psychology which then continued onto counselling.  The Person-Centred Approach attracted me becaue it offers the client the chance to explore their emotions and feelings in a non-judgmental and non directional environment.  Within life we can be led by what others "think" maybe good for us, whereas inside we may be thinking something totally different, but we go along with the advice to avoid conflict or to please others.  The Person-Centred Approach can help facilitate you to find and discover who you are and what is best for you, without any direction or advice from me as the counsellor.  This can empower you to believe in yourself and to make the right choices in life for you.

I am an accredited member of the BACP and adhere to their code of ethics which protects the client and the counsellor.

I hold professional indemnity insurance.

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